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New Album  working title "Présence"
Fresh from the studio and looking for a friendly label/publisher

This time around we really covered the full range of our musical explorations. Rearranged Debussy and Ravel, fully driven progressive Folk, soul-stirring Italian songs, and Egberto Gismonti's ethnic Brazil-Jazz, all dressed up in our best, acoustic haut couture, with up to 6 multitracked Panflutes, guest musicians, lots of groove and heart.
This has got to hit !

1. Piano Concerto in G major / II. Adagio assai (Maurice Ravel) 9:59
2. Anita (trad./arr. Pancore) 4:24
3. Stoomwals (Peter Weekers) 8:07
4. Michelangelo '70 (Astor Piazzolla) 3:18
5. Aoife (Erik Visser) 7:31
6. Sanfona (Egberto Gismonti) 4:43
7. La cathedrale engloutie (Claude Debussy) 6:52
8. Palhaco (Egberto Gismonti) 7:29
9. Fai la ninna (trad. / arr. Pancore) 5:58

>>>Demo on request<<<
All tunes arranged by Pan des Deux


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