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Pan des Deux

Pan des Deux
Duo without borders

1 Japanese, 1 Swiss. Married since '93, musical partners since '96. They stand for virtues rarely found in today's short lived music market - continued concentration on a mutual musical goal, across all imaginable cultural and stylistical borders. The duo's name tells the story: Derived from "Pas de Deux", the ballet centerpiece that brings together the male and female parts.
Starting with Debussy and Ravel, continiously expanding through Japanese Music, Tango, Baroque Composers, Contemporary Improvisation, orchestral adaptations of Mussorgsky and Holst, and, of course, good ol' Jazz, they created a musical language, through which old listening habits are turned around into something new, fresh and daringly invigorating.
No muzak-tooting Panoodle. No egomaniacal Piano virtuosity. Pan des Deux. Music here and now !

Yuki Soh - Bucheli  Piano, Synth
Classical Pianist with the ability
to erupt into improvisational outbursts

From Fujisawa, JP
Starts Piano at 4 and early on enjoys the pleasures of refined touch and sound brought to her through the school of Michelangeli. Then has to grind her way through the Japanese mill of education to her graduation from Kunitachi Music College in Tokyo. After which she's off classics for a while, touring USA, Canada and Europe as a Pop keyboard player.
Through Pan des Deux she finds back to her roots and the dreamy impressionistic piano sound of her youth.
Other than that: Jazz, Impro, Arranger, appearances on all imaginable stages, from buddhist temples to the concert hall. And Yuki's speciality: Making even the most out of tune instrument sing like a chorus of angels.

Walti Bucheli - Soh  Panflutes, Effects
Panflutist in love with sound and
an urge towards unconventional experiments

From Lucerne, CH
Elite boys choir, then daring multi-instrumentalist of any genre, classical singing education, tours through USA, Canada and Europe. Starting 1993, after moving to Japan, full concentration on his favorite instrument: the Panflute. Influences from Asia and the free Jazz scene around Tokyo start to mix with European heritage. And generate new sounds.
Heard so far: Repertoire work with Pan des Deux, Impro meetings in Japan and Europe, studio work, concerts/recordings with Sun Ra Arkestra, Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra, Tango Locolindo, Eartheart Music et al - but Walti's certainly the only Panflutist to ever play at big Jazz- and Rockfestivals like MoersNewJazz or Glastonbury.

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