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At the core of things

Everything that a pianist and panflutist can possibly do besides playing concerts is gathered under this name.
The core of Pan opens wide.
Production, Publishing, our own small CD-Label, building bridges between Japan and Europe
(not only for musicians...), Seminars, PA and recording, no end in sight.
But Pancore also stands for a leap to the wild side. Drop all expectations. Ambient, Free Jazz,
Solo gigs with loops and effects, noise for 2, collated collateral collaborations, smoky swing joints,
taking a bite out of rock and pop, Debussy in the green fields and at the dark planetarium,
Italian songs in a Zen Garden.
Sound and the pleasure of it, from every source, in all waters. The core is always present.
Set most profoundly, not to be cracked, thus: Hardcore.
Pancore Music